Coach Decker’s Free 2 Week Virtual Health and Fitness Program

Coach Decker’s Free 2 Week Virtual Health and Fitness Program

Welcome to Coach Decker’s “Fighting Fit” free 2 week health and fitness program!

Our class is designed to introduce you to a healthier more fit lifestyle.

Coach Decker will ask you to complete a virtual fitness assessment so he understands your fitness goals. Next, you’ll do a “virtual” fitness evaluation where we will determine your “fitness baseline”.  You’ll be required to complete a routine of jumping-jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups, while recording your heart rate, and counting the number of push-ups in one minute and the number of sit-ups in one minute.

Coach Decker will be sending you a series of motivational reminders to keep you going and the program includes access to our MyFitnessPal Group/Community. Don’t worry, we take your privacy very seriously and all your information will remain confidential.

Upon successfully completing our free 2-week program you’ll receive a virtual certificate and badge as well as a number of other special incentives.

What You'll Get

What You'll Get

Coach Decker will tell you all about the program and what you can expect over the 2 week period. What makes his approach to health and fitness unique is its Martial Art Pedagogy, that is a process through which we apply a doctrine, or a principal, create adaptive strategies and utilize effective tactics, or techniques to satisfy our goal or objective. In short, he calls it living a warrior lifestyle. And this is a quest.

The Fitness Assessment will allow Coach Decker to obtain most of the requisite data by having you complete a “virtual” fitness assessment.  The assessment is feedback you provide to Coach Decker about your student’s fitness goals.

Boxing iTimer is the boxing timer for interval training. It can be used as an Interval Timer for any other workout as well.

You can get it by following one of these links:



  • Intro – What you will need
  • How to check your heart rate
  • How to do a jumping jack
  • How to do a push up
  • How to do a sit up
  1. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans 2nd edition
  2. Coach Decker’s Workout log _ exercise
  3. Coach Decker’s Workout log _ nutrition

This is a series of motivational reminders urging you to take the appropriate action and complete the Fitness Evaluation exercise. The series includes text, images and video meant to remind you that program is free, but the offer will expire if you don’t take the appropriate action within a specific time.