Updated 01/13/2022

On January 4, CDC updated its COVID-19 isolation and quarantine recommendations for the general public, K-12 schools, and worksites (non-healthcare settings) with shorter isolation (for asymptomatic and mildly ill people) and quarantine periods of 5 days to focus on the period when a person is most infectious, followed by continued masking for an additional 5 days. Read more on why CDC made this guidance change.

For up to date Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) information for our region, please visit the Maricopa County Department of Public Health website. Where applicable, we will be following the MCDPH Quarantine Guidelines.

Do not come to the Dojo if:

You are SICK or not feeling well (i.e. fever, sore throat, headache, etc. even if it might just be allergies), or Experiencing COVID-like symptoms (i.e. cough, congestion, loss of taste or smell, etc.).

Any display of symptoms or illness will result in being sent home and we may ask to take your temperature. Please report any exposure to COVID-19.

When you enter the Dojo, you are agreeing that you, nor anyone in your household, has been sick in the past 5 days. And if you become sick, you will notify us and not enter the Dojo for at least 5 days and will wear a mask for the next additional 5 days. Likewise, understand that no one can guarantee you won’t get sick, and you chose to come to the Dojo at your own risk. Please read our liability waiver for more information.

Symptom Checks

Coaches and Trainers are required to monitor their symptoms and complete a temperature check upon arrival each day. Those with a fever, exhibiting symptoms or otherwise sick will be asked to stay home.

How you can help: Know your child’s temperature and symptoms prior to attending class. If your child is sick, please let us know, and stay home.

Handwashing & Sanitizing

All coaches and trainers must wash their hands as soon as they arrive to the Dojo, wash frequently in between classes and prior to leaving at the end of the day. Also, help sanitize the equipment after each use and before each lesson.

How you can help: We ask that all students and guests wash their hands and/or sanitize their hands upon entry and prior to leaving, after each use of the restroom and when re-entering the Dojo.

Drop offs & Parent Viewing

You may have noticed; we have removed several seats to provide increased space for social distancing inside the Dojo, so temporarily, we cannot accommodate spectators like we once did.

How you can help: Drop offs are welcome, and it will become easier to watch from outside as the temperatures come down. Please limit to one parent at a time inside, as needed, to assist and support your young student.

What you should bring

How you can help: Please bring your own water and water bottle for personal use. Each student should bring their own sweat-towel to clean up after themselves. And bring your own PPE facemask that you are comfortable wearing the entire time you are inside the Dojo. Yoga students should bring a clean Yoga mat to each practice, as well. And, of course, students should arrive cleanly washed with a freshly laundered uniform or appropriate workout attire for each lesson.

What is Coach Decker Martial Arts Doing to Help?

Student’s health and safety has always been our top priority, so we have always kept very high hygiene standards, but during this time we’ve increased our cleaning and sanitation routines.

We have reduced our occupancy, are cleaning, and disinfecting between lessons and allowing ventilation. And we are closely observing ADHS Social Distancing and Facemask Guidelines.

Please wear a PPE facemask when appropriate. If you would like a facemask, feel free to ask. And we can provide education materials by pointing you to the Arizona Department of Health Services resources