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We Are About You!

Thank you for taking the time to visit!  We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to fitness and wellness resources for you and your family.

We are about YOU!  You and your family are the reason for our website.

Coach Decker and his team of trainers are in your corner to give you the resources, support and instruction you need to channel your inner warrior, enabling you to take on all the daily challenges of our modern world and lead the life of purpose you are seeking.

Meet Coach Decker

Coach Decker began his journey in the early 90s teaching traditional Martial Arts to all ages and backgrounds. He began broadening his focus to helping people reach their Health and Fitness goals when, in the mid-2000s, Phoenix College asked Coach Decker to join their fitness and wellness department to share his approach with their community of students, teachers and staff.

Coach Decker is based in central Arizona USA, but now with the benefit of the internet and modern technology, this site can act not only as an aid and supplement to his current students, but also as a way to reach and help others no matter their circumstances or location.

Our Health & Fitness Philosophy

Our approach is not new, but it is unique in its scope. We practice a philosophy that is centuries old and not solely unique to either western or eastern civilization, but is commonly attributed to the Samurai of feudal Japan. One who embraces the Warrior lifestyle commits themselves to regular practice in these three pillars:

Three States of Mind
  • Zanshin – Alertness/Awareness (Preparedness)
  • Mushin – Clear Mind
  • Fudoshin – Emotional Balance
Five Keys to Health (Body)
  • Rational Nutrition
  • Sensible Exercise
  • Efficient Rest
  • Proper Hygiene
  • Positive Attitude
Seven Virtues (Spirit/Character)
  • Rectitude
  • Courage with self-control
  • Benevolence
  • Politeness/Propriety
  • Honesty/Sincerity
  • Honor
  • Duty/Loyalty