Coach Decker’s Common Sense 4th of July Safety Tips

Here are some common-sense Fourth of July safety tips that apply to both kids and adults: 1. Attend public fireworks displays: Instead of setting off fireworks at home, consider attending a public fireworks show organized by professionals. These displays are typically safer and more enjoyable for everyone. 2. Keep a safe distance: If you do ...

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St. Patrick’s Day and Martial Arts

Credit: Irish Fighter Magazine St. Patrick's Day is a time of year that brings fun and excitement for many families. It's a time when people come together to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. As a parent, you may be looking for ways to engage your child in activities that are not only fun ...

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Health and Fitness – Yoga

Yoga: Flexibility, Strength and Mobility   Coach Bry'Anne shares some thought on strength, control and grace in this short instructional video. Be sure to tune-in to her live-stream Yoga Vinyasa classes every Wednesday at 6:15 PM (Arizona time) on Coach Decker's Facebook Fan Page and on Coach Bry'Anne's Instagram @stm_yoga Three components of ...

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