Are you looking for a family fitness program that is challenging, rewarding, and stimulates both mind and body?  This is a rare combination, but with the Coach Decker program, you will gain confidence, learn the best forms to prevent injury and defend yourself, learn guiding judo principles, as well as how to be more mindful on and off the mat.   Coach Decker tailors his program to all age groups, fitness levels and most health conditions. Specializing in Judo, Kickboxing, and Self Defense, a fundamental philosophy unites each one of these.

The philosophies underlying the Coach Decker training are rooted in Two Guiding Principles: Maximum Efficiency and Mutual Welfare and Benefit.

Here’s a quick history lesson before we jump into the details on each of these. Judo is a Japanese principle founded in 1882 by Kanō Jigorō ; he envisioned not just a martial art (bujutsu) but a way of life.  The Japanese word means “gentle way” in English and the philosophy behind it is to use the strength of an opponent against them.

The first guiding principle we’ll discuss is Maximum Efficiency.  The Japanese term for this is “seiryoku zenyo” which can be translated as “good use of spirit and force” or “maximum efficiency – minimum effort”.  The purpose is to promote the development of strong, healthy minds and bodies in interesting and useful ways. It consists of two groups of exercises, one you practice alone, the other with a partner.  These exercises include: (1) Kata, “form” (2) Randori, “free practice”

The Coach Decker programs shows you how you can overcome more powerful opponents by using superior techniques. When your opponent pulls you, you push him.  When your opponent pushes you, you pull him.

The core of the philosophy of Judo is do not waste!  This includes not expending your  mental, physical, and spiritual energy on things that do not accomplish your goals.  In our Judo techniques, we teach you how to save your energy even when you are trying to throw someone.  There is a correct timing and position in executing a throwing technique, and if done correctly will work with using little strength.  There are judo principles to follow. If you do this incorrectly, then the technique is more difficult to accomplish and requires a tremendous amount of energy.

The Judo techniques you learn with Coach Decker gives you practical skills for the real world.  You’ll know how to counter a punch/kick/takedown, and you’ll be able to turn it into a throw and then get that person on the ground. From there, you can either run away or submit or subdue the attacker.

Also, Judo will give you things that are more beneficial now, such as knowing how to fall properly, and learning how to control your emotions in a fight. Again, Judo provides you with practical techniques that you can spar at full speed, and will be able to use the basic techniques within a month.

As we discussed earlier in the article, Judo involves two different types of exercises. One on your own and the other with a partner. This is where the second Guiding Principle comes into play- Mutual Welfare and Benefit.  In Japanese, this is stated as, Jita kyōei. which embodies Judo because one cannot practice Judo alone. You need a partner. When you practice Judo, you and your partner learn and improve your skills together.

This mantra of Jita-Kyoei can be perfectly applied to parenting.  As we raise our kids, they also raise us. You grow and learn with your children along the way. For those of you who are parents, think about what you’ve learned from your kids. More than likely, it runs the gamut from elementary school information to new and different ways of doing things.

This is why the Coach Decker classes for kids and families are based in Judo principles.  To keep the little ones interested, fun and energetic spins are applied to the traditional katas (training exercises).   Through this program, parents learn about the philosophies and techniques behind the katas, and can then reinforce these lessons with their kids.  There are no other family fitness programs that weave this life philosophy into a physical training program.

The program with Coach Decker is perfect for those families that want to work out together and learn valuable and practical life skills along the way.  This type of training is more engaging, and will definitely “Maximize your Time, Minimize Your efforts, and Benefit everyone in your family.