Martial arts have long been recognized as an exceptional way for children to develop discipline, confidence, and physical prowess. In Mesa, Arizona, one instructor stands out among the rest: Coach Decker. His dedication, expertise, and the popularity of his Mat Monkeys and Jr. Judo classes have made him a beloved figure among parents and children alike.

Expertise and Experience

Coach Decker brings an unparalleled level of expertise to his classes. With over 15 years of experience in martial arts instruction, including specialized training in child psychology and development, he understands the unique needs of young learners. His background in various martial arts disciplines, coupled with his passion for teaching, allows him to create an environment where children thrive.

Mat Monkeys: Fostering Fundamental Skills

Mat Monkeys, one of Coach Decker’s signature programs, is designed specifically for young children. Through fun and engaging activities, Coach Decker introduces fundamental martial arts principles while focusing on motor skills, coordination, and teamwork. The program not only teaches self-defense but also instills valuable life lessons like respect, discipline, and perseverance.

Jr. Judo: Building Strength and Confidence

For older children looking for a more structured martial arts experience, Coach Decker’s Jr. Judo classes are the perfect fit. Judo, known for its emphasis on throws and grappling techniques, helps children develop strength, agility, and confidence. Under Coach Decker’s guidance, students not only learn the art of Judo but also cultivate essential life skills such as resilience and problem-solving.

Safe and Supportive Environment

What sets Coach Decker apart is his commitment to creating a safe and supportive learning environment. He understands that every child is unique, and his teaching methods are tailored to accommodate different learning styles. Moreover, safety is paramount in his classes, with a focus on proper technique and controlled practice to prevent injuries.

Community and Parent Involvement

Coach Decker believes in fostering a sense of community within his classes. He encourages parental involvement and keeps open lines of communication with parents to track their child’s progress. Regular events, demonstrations, and seminars allow parents to witness firsthand the positive impact of martial arts on their children’s development.

Testimonials and Popularity

The popularity of Coach Decker’s classes speaks volumes. Countless testimonials from parents highlight the transformation they’ve seen in their children since joining his programs. From increased confidence to improved focus, the positive effects of Coach Decker’s teaching methods are evident.


In Mesa, Arizona, parents searching for the best martial arts instructor for their children need look no further than Coach Decker. His expertise, dedication, and the popularity of his Mat Monkeys and Jr. Judo classes make him a standout figure in the community. Through his guidance, children not only learn martial arts but also develop invaluable life skills that will serve them well beyond the dojo.