The days that mark the transition from one season to another are called “setsubun” in Japanese, a term that particularly refers to the last day before spring in February. This day is celebrated by throwing soybeans as a purification ritual, to pray for good fortune, the safety of one’s home, and good health.

We are not planning to throw soybeans, but we are planning a little celebration to welcome all that Spring 2022 hopes to offer. We more commonly celebrate Valentine’s Day here, but it too has as much to do with the celebration of spring as it does with romance. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, so we thought a “Parent’s Night Out” or “Spring Fling” on Saturday, February 12th would be a good alternative. Be looking for event details on our Facebook page or contact us directly.

At that event we will be concluding our Spring raffle with a drawing for prizes. There is still plenty of time to get those raffle tickets and increase your chances of winning, but don’t wait. Have a look at the prizes we are offering and the details on our website here:

The best way to earn those raffle tickets is to be an active source of referrals for the studio/dojo. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $5.00 each and we will accept Coach Decker Dojo Dollars as a fair exchange. We’ve always given Dojo Dollars as incentive to students to promote the studio and as a reward for referring friends, family, and neighbors to try a free, no obligation, class.

Here’s how the referral program works:

1 Dojo Dollar

  • Every time you mention us on social media. Post photos, tag us and let others in your social circle know we’re here when they’re looking for Martial Arts training.

5 Dojo Dollars

  • Every time you invite someone to try a free, no obligation class; or when you write a positive review for us on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

10 Dojo Dollars

  • If one of your referrals buys one of our introductory specials.

10% Discount

  • If one of your referrals enrolls as a member/student, you’ll get 10% off your next month’s tuition.

You can buy more than raffle tickets with Dojo Dollars. Even though Dojo Dollars cannot be used to pay for lessons, they can be used for everything we sell in Coach Decker’s Pro-shop. Everything from snacks to Judo Gi’s and Boxing Gloves.  We are currently having a clearance sale on all our Coach Decker t-shirts and fight-shorts. Have a look and get yours before they’re gone.