WE REOPENED Saturday, May 16th with Yoga and Kickboxing classes after 7 weeks of an emergency closure to help stop the spread of COVID-19.  This has been a difficult period for all, but I am thrilled to see students returning to our Dojo. I am pleased to be able to invite everyone to return to classes and training for the summer session, under our new and improved procedures designed to keep you and your families safe and healthy.

GUIDANCE has been provided by the Governor’s Office and the CDC and I want to highlight the most important features. We will operate with reduced occupancy in our facility

  • Students/members must make a reservation for private or semi-private lessons/classes
  • We cannot accommodate spectators at this time
  • Coaches and students must attest that they, or anyone in their household, have not been ill for the past 14 days
  • Coaches and students must wash their hands when they arrive and before they leave

If you would like to see Governor Doug Ducey’s complete “Guidance for Gyms and Fitness Providers”, click on the link – here.

TIPS for returning students:

  • Bring your own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (i.e. face-covering, that you are comfortable wearing)
  • Bring your own water-bottle to refill
  • Bring your own towel to dry your hands after washing and keep yourself clean during your workout
  • Bring your own Yoga Mat for Yoga classes
  • Bring your own boxing-gloves, jump-rope, and hand-wraps for Kickboxing classes
  • Bring a freshly washed “Gi” (training uniform) to all self-defense and Judo classes, including Mat Monkeys

IF you have ANY questions about our safety, hygiene and cleaning policies and procedures, please contact us. We’d be very happy to have a personal conversation with each of you to make sure everyone understands and stays healthy and safe TOGETHER.

To make an appointment for your next class, please email us or call/text us at 480-442-3161.  We look forward to seeing you!